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About Us

Why Red Sea Prep? Um…Why Not!


Red Sea Prep is an exodus of sorts, from the typical religious information given and an entering into a challenging educational exchange on the tenets of your faith. What do you believe? Why do you believe it? Are you sure of your confession of faith? When Satan tempted Christ in the desert, he did not come with preposterous questions, but stated the Word of God, out of context, but the Word of God. How can we as soldiers of Christ stand on the Word of God and give a defense if we do not know if, and are not sure of what beliefs we confess?

What we aim to provide here at Red Sea Preparatory Academy is intensive courses that provides thorough teaching on various pertinent aspects of our faith. Let’s talk about the hard things! Let’s challenge our basic knowledge and know our stance, and know our faith, and be prepared to give a defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is our mandate as followers of Jesus.

This world is beyond crazy! To say it is politically incorrect to maintain Christian standards and coleus is an understatement. How do we cope? We have sometimes allowed ourselves to be bullied into a closet of Christian, only coming out amongst other Christian company. It’s time to discover the amazing impact of applying God’s truth to an ever changing world and experience the life God intended for you! Red Sea Prep has made it its mission to help young adults become world changers by uniting the truth of God’s word with real-life experiences that can be applied while living in a rapidly changing world.

Red Sea Prep’s methodology is based on a biblical and holistic approach helping you understand and embrace your identity in Christ, grow in your understanding of truth, reap the blessings of obedience, create disciples, and prepare to lead the ministry that God has purposed for you.

Whether you subscribe to our weekly blog, order a resource from the online store, or enroll in our online bible study, you’ll learn from the timeless truths of Scripture and the latest cutting-edge methods of application. As you browse this site, we pray you will learn that though the world changes, God’s word stays the same and by applying it you will be able to take hold of the power and authority given to us through Jesus Christ!