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Greetings! My name is Danielle Moses,  CEO and Founder of Red Sea Preparatory Academy!  I am passionate about helping others understand the universal principles provided in the Word of God, its applicable truths for daily living, and for others to be able to undoubtedly acknowledge the Lord God as Omniscient in that He provided His eternally relevant Word to all creation.

Professionally? On paper…


  • taught several discipleship courses in the metro Atlanta area
  • serve as a Sunday school teacher
  • member of the Board of Christian Education at Beulah Missionary Baptist Church.


  • B.S.  in Health Science (Howard University, 2007)
  • MPH (Mercer University, 2010)
  • M.A. in Christian Studies (Luther Rice University, 2010)
  • PhD candidate hopeful (somewhere, in the next 3 years)

Personally? In Everyday life…

My blog is entitled Confessions of a Christian: I’m not perfect. This describes me to a tee- not perfect. I have the degrees. I have the Christian family upbringing. I know the Word of God. I have a relationship with the Father, yet I fall short so often. I am a lover of Christ, devoted to kingdom building. Even still I am a flawed individual with more than plenty of room to grow. In teaching you, I am taught. In giving insight to others, I am enlightened. I am not a master teacher, but a master apprentice learning from the Master, and sharing with others all the knowledge I have gained. The good that I do is not in and of myself. That’s real talk! in and of myself I am a walking MESS! I am in need of constant renewal of mind. On paper I appear quite qualified, but the  true qualifiers are the redeeming blood of Jesus, the anointing, and the power of the Holy Spirit to transform a wretch like me. Without Him, I am just another Bible toting hypocrite.

Why Red Sea Preparatory Academy?

I am NOT against the church, neither is RSP a substitution for church. Please go to church! I certainly do. There is a blessing in the assembly of the saints!  RSP hopes to build upon the foundation already established. We want you to be equipped to CAPACITY!  Believers are constantly attacked and ridiculed. If you aren’t assured in the Word of God and its relevancy in your life, you’re bound to fall- making all types compromises. RSP aims to provide a cutting-edge method to ministry, teach you how to apply God’s word to real life experiences in a real world, and give you the spiritual tools needed to wage war on carnal challenges and demonic forces. If you are not saved, meaning you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, RSP hopes to plant a seed of salvation. We learn. We have side bars. We invite questions. We explore and enjoy our faith! Join us! Meet us at the Red Sea!