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That’s What Friends Are For!

That’s What Friends Are For!

This morning, I woke up feeling really defeated. I mean….you would have thought World War III had been declared and I was about to get my whole life wrecked by bombs and nukes. I was sad about the things I couldn’t control. I was discouraged because I wasn’t sure of the outcome. I prayed a prayer to the Lord asking Him to have mercy on me. I followed with “Your will be done Father. Please give me the strength to bear whatever comes my way.” I confess: it wasn’t the most confident prayer I’ve ever prayed.

Worked out.


Went to work.

My girlfriend called me. That’s when things changed.

Point #1 (blog sermon!)- It is a blessing to have friends that will encourage you. I enjoy having a good time with my friends, but I need a sister or a brother in my life that can encourage me in the Word of God. Sometimes you hurt so badly, or you’re pitying yourself (woe is me) so much that you can’t get two words out, let alone a scripture. You’re blubbering, snot running down your nose, tears are falling, but that’s when your friend holds you down and speaks life! They tell you “you will be okay because Romans 8:28 tells us that everything is working for our good!” They tell you how awesome you are, how amazing you are, you are not your failures, you will succeed, you are not your past, you are beautiful/handsome,  you are not alone, God is in control. Friends like that are a necessity. I’m so blessed to have a circle of friends that meet that criteria! If you don’t have at least ONE, pray for one.

We resolved to pray.

Point #2- Get you a friend that will pray for you, and can get a prayer through. People play at prayer. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Life is challenging. The devil is busy. Emotions are high. I don’t want to hear anyone fishing at trying to pray for me. Hollering isn’t required. Moaning isn’t required. Hold the clichés please. Let’s be sincere when we approach the throne, and let’s be humble before approaching the Father in prayer. Sometimes people “feel themselves,” when they pray especially when they are praying in public, and you know what I mean. Matter of fact, someone just came to your mind. I am so blessed to have friends that can pray earnestly, and can pray fervently for me.

During prayer I knew the Lord was in the midst. My melancholy disposition disappeared. She prayed. I prayed. Peace is mine! We thanked Him for His love, His grace, His mercies, His gentleness towards us, His patience, and His forgiveness.


Life is filled with so many challenges. It is good to have friends you can count on to encourage you, and go to the Father on your behalf.

Be that kind of a friend to others. Seek those relationships out, not the surface, phony ones. Develop relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

I may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, but I thank God for a friend that will help me “Get my life all the way together,” in Jesus name.

– Danielle Moses

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