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What Does Your Life Say About You?

What Does Your Life Say About You?

Wanted to share something with you that you may already know. 🙂

It was an accented reminder from the Lord….we will be judged. Que the dramatic music…Thank you Captain Obvious! But do you know what that judgement will look like?

As believers, we are saved. We do not have to worry about the dread of death because we have been sealed through Christ (Eph. 1:13-14). We are going to heaven; however we will still be judged (2 Cor. 5:10). And let me tell you, the reminder shook me.

What will my life say about me? And remember….our lives won’t be judged through the shallow lenses of social media. We won’t be judged for best pictures, nice profile templates, dopest vacations, and most views. It won’t be based on best haircut, most believable lacefront, or the most luxurious lifestyle. It will be judgement based on TRUTH and not popular opinion.

I am going through a study called A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place by Beth Moore. This week we reviewed offerings placed on the altar- the materials hay, straw, and wood versus the materials gold, silver, and bronze. Big difference in materials, right? Following that discussion the participants were asked to make a list of main ways we expend our energy during a typical week, then circle the weekly activities that will hastily burn up (burn up once placed on the altar- the hay, wood, and straw). I did this activity, and ya’ll? Whew! I am guilty of wasting too much time!

Living my best life is the aim, but what does that look like? Is our best life based on Scripture, or based on popular opinion? Should self gratification take precedence over God’s assignment for our lives? I can lose weight. I can wear nice clothes. I can socialize and have a drink with friends, but that’s all temporal. It’s all wood, hay, and straw. Nothing is wrong with any of those things, but it can’t be all that my life is full of. Self gratification should not be the driving force in our lives. Yeah I said it! Only what we do for Christ- loving on folks, helping those in need, sharing the love of Christ by being love everyday wherever we go- only those things will last (1 John 2:15, 17). And our service should not come from a place of obligation, drudgery or oppression, but from a heart full of willing service, from a place of gratitude and love for the God of love who loved your stanking behind when you were and still can be a mess and a half! He sees your habits. He knows all your secrets and your thoughts. He knows it all, and He still loves you and gifted you with salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. Live a full life with adventure, socializing, brunching it up, but fill it also with the weighty materials of service for the Lord so that your living will not be in vain.

I wept over time lost, but rejoiced for the reminder from the Holly Spirit.

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