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Why Don’t I Celebrate My Birthday?

Why Don’t I Celebrate My Birthday?

I don’t want to make a big fuss.

I have too much going on already.

It’s such a busy time for everyone.

I am too tired. I just want to relax.

It’s not a big deal.

You mean you’re not a big deal. BOOM.

What’s the real reason some of us don’t celebrate ourselves on our birthdays?

I was NEVER the cool kid growing up. I was a misfit, a black girl who swam at a predominantly Black high school and played an instrument people forget exists (French horn). I didn’t have many friends. I didn’t grow up rich. If I had a party, who would I invite? Would they come? And with what money will I host them? My parents were willing to celebrate my birthday, more so than I. I didn’t believe I was liked enough (outside of my family) to be celebrated. As I grew older, my birthday dogma remained the same. Que the violins lol

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The only time I really celebrated was if someone did something for me, and it would mean the world! Someone wants to celebrate my life! I remember when I turned thirty, my family and closest friends surprised me with a scavenger hunt. It was the most amazing thing! Flower deliveries with clues, destinations with other clues, ground transportation from here to the next surprise….I cried! I cried because they wanted to celebrate me, and I meant something to them. My happiness meant something to them, and they were glad I was alive! They wanted to celebrate me!

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And sometimes we can be in the habit of always doing for others, we forget to do for ourselves, to make plans for ourselves doing all the things we like- yodeling, clogging, mountain climbing, etc. Whatever it is, you do it and invite your friends to go too. You’re always there for them. It’s okay to ask them to be there for you to celebrate you. And no, you’re not being needy or selfish.

Celebrating yourself doesn’t have to be a platinum event with a rented event space, table linens, a caterer, and celebrity guests. It doesn’t have to be a trip to Turks and Caicos, a guys trip to Las Vegas, or a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean. Sea It doesn’t have to be dinner at a fancy restaurant in a room for a large party, or even a romantic table for two at a fine dining spot. We’re not competing no matter for the best birthday pics on social media.

Celebrating you is taking time to acknowledge you, that you exist, that you matter, and that you are happy to be you and no one else.

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When you’re contemplating not doing anything for your birthday, ask yourself why not? To God you’re worth dying for. Why not celebrate the life He has blessed you with?

Relaxing is cool. Relax and ________ (fill in the blank with an action). Go for hike and pack a lunch. Take yourself out. Take the day off if possible. Submit your assignment, but then treat yourself to a nice meal. Go to church then eat a nice dinner at home. Do something for you. Not because that’s what you have to do, but because you’re worth the time, energy, and effort. You’re worth His sacrifice. A birthday drink wouldn’t kill you boo! Celebrate you! I’ll work on it! You work on it! Like Revlon says, “ because you’re worth it.”

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