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Distractions. Oh boy!

I was reading a devotional today, and the Lord smacked on the back of my head. He has my full attention. What’s the issue, Lord? Response: Distractions are the issue! Too many times I allow myself to be distracted and this devotional was a way of setting me straight. As children of the Lord we must stay focused, and be diligent. But how do you spot a distraction?

A distraction can be defined as anything that prevents one from focusing on the task at hand which requires your immediate attention. Distractions seem harmless, but they can be used as tools to prevent your spiritual growth and the completion of God’s assignment delegated specifically to you.

Distractions are not always obvious. They’re not just texting while driving, texting while talking to others, or your man watching football while you’re talking about your feelings.:( When we are praying, meditating, or when we first wake up for the day and should be giving our full attention to God, we find ourselves daydreaming of romance or just plain sex, or even a violent encounter with someone you don’t like. taking our minds off of Him, and onto ourselves. Another example: Socializing can be a distraction. You’re out partying and “turning up,” meanwhile that exam date has not changed, or that report/paper is still due tomorrow.  Enjoying life is not against the law, but we allow ourselves to get caught up in things that aren’t pressing and do not tend to the things that are pressing. Oh distractions! You’re using valuable time that should be spent with the Father, doing His will, giving Him glory. Instead, you’re indulging your fresh. Shame on you! Shame on me!

Our time is not our own, it’s the Lord’s. Don’t allow distractions to get the best of you. Stay focused, but that takes practice.  Focusing is a discipline. Flex that focus muscle more often and give distraction a run for its money.

-Danielle Moses

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